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Quantum Metal Exchange's business pillars include Quantum Metal Bullion, which provides various services to the precious metals industry (including gold trading and leasing, gold guarantee facilities, gold storage, gold tokenization, logistics, and services to mining companies and factories), Quantum Metal Exchange Metal Capital is engaged in financial technology services and development, and Quantum Metal Mining is engaged in precious metals business. These pillars are supported by Quantum Metals Enterprise University's efforts to foster corporate culture and develop human resources in the ecosystem.

Quantum Metal Exchange Inc. is proud to announce its strategic business path of corporatization, digitalization, and globalization. The company is positioned to be a leader in the precious metal industry with its three pillars, Quantum Metal Bullion, Quantum Metal Capital, and Quantum Metal Mining.

Quantum Metal Exchange Inc.’s business pillars include:

Quantum Metal Bullion provides a wide range of services to the precious metal industry, including gold trading and leasing, gold storage, gold tokenization, logistics, and support for mining companies and factories. This pillar of the company is dedicated to providing top-notch services to the precious metal industry.

Quantum Metal Capital is in charge of global market penetration and is committed to bringing the company’s services and products to the world. With a focus on expanding the company’s reach, Quantum Metal Capital is an essential part of the company’s growth strategy.

Quantum Metal Mining involves both the traditional upstream and downstream of the precious metal industry. With a focus on sustainability and responsible mining practices, Quantum Metal Mining is committed to providing high-quality precious metals to the market.

The company’s commitment to developing its corporate culture and human resources is evident in its support of Quantum Metal Corporate University. The university provides training and development opportunities to the company’s employees, fostering a strong corporate culture and a well-trained workforce.

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