Quantum Metal Malaysia


QUANTUM METAL SDN BHD (1011907U) (“QMSB”) is a fully owned subsidiary of Quantum Metal Exchange Inc (OTC: QMEI). Incorporated in Malaysia in 2012, QMSB primarily engaged in supplying and trading precious metal and gold products.

Through the digitalization of physical gold, Quantum Metal provides economy recovery solutions to QBEB members and local markets. This transformative step by Quantum Metal propelled the age-old concept of gold-backed into the realm of modern technology, securing partnerships with prestigious banks and cooperative organizations in Malaysia.

Embarking on the strategic journey of Corporatization, Digitalization, and Globalization, Quantum Metal is committed to shaping a sustainable future where shared prosperity is attained and backed by gold, a trusted asset class for centuries.

GOLD Storage Account (GSA)

QM (Sell) : per gram
QM (Buy) : per gram
Facility : GCA (Gold Convert Account)
Min. Purchase :
Max. Convert : About 85% of Gold Purchase

Gold Asset Enhance (GAE5X)

QM (Sell) : per gram
QM (Buy) : per gram
USD 25 per unit:
Profit Rate:
(end of 12 months)

Gold Asset Enhance (GAE10X)

QM (Sell) : per gram
QM (Buy) : per gram
USD 250 per unit:
Profit Rate:

Gold Spot Price

per gram
FX rate :
Last Updated Date:


Provides technology development and services, banking system solutions, and trading of precious metals to our local partners such as banks, financial institutions, co-operatives and retail market in the country.


History of Gold

“Gold has proven itself as a good hedge against inflation, protecting people from paper money’s devaluation.”

Gold has been widely used throughout the world as money – as a medium of exchange, as a store of value. 


To Operate

as one of the world's most cost-effective, secure and accessible precious metal markets

To facilitate

equal distribution of wealth through cutting edge technologies.

To reach out

to people and make financial freedom easily accessible to the masses.

To promote

precious metal as a tool to unleash the full potential of wealth


We proudly provide a uniquely legitimate, exclusive investment product, backed by authentic value – digitised precious metals to empower and enrich, retaining real, sustainable worth over time. We believe firmly in facilitating honest investments, financial inclusion, and shared prosperity.