Serdang, Malaysia – The inaugural edition of the Club of Route Enthusiast (CORE) International Autofest, set to be held from 15th to 17th September 2023 at the Malaysian Agricultural Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS), is proud to announce Dato Lim Khong Soon, the CEO & Founder of Quantum Metal Malaysia, as one of its prominent sponsors. The event is expected to draw over 150,000 enthusiasts and visitors, marking it as one of the premier automotive gatherings in Southeast Asia.

SF Wheels Showcase, the organizing body behind this illustrious event, in collaboration with Mardi Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (Mardi Corp), aims to create a unified platform for two-wheel and four-wheel enthusiasts from across the Southeast Asian region. Lt. Idzmi Hafiz Izaham, the manager of SF Wheels Showcase, stated, “We want to gather these enthusiasts to celebrate diversity, advancements, and creativity in the automotive modification and culture at the CORE International Car & Bike Show 2023.”

Furthermore, the event seeks to promote the vibrant automotive culture to the younger generation in the country, positioning it as a positive hobby and passion with great potential.

Lt. Idzmi Hafiz Izaham, during a press conference attended by the CORE patron, Dr. Raja Putra Shah, emphasized that the CORE International Autofest 2023 is not just about bringing together fans and industry players. It will also offer opportunities for entrepreneurs to generate revenue. “This event encompasses more than just the automotive segment. It includes a massive food and beverage festival, musical concerts, and even competitions and gatherings for automotive clubs and groups participating.”

In conclusion, Lt. Idzmi Hafiz remarked, “The CORE International Autofest 2023 is a fresh approach to integrated automotive events, benefiting professionals, enthusiasts, and the general public alike.”

For tickets and more information about the CORE International Autofest 2023, please visit the official CORE website.

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